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Thank you for your support of the Jesuits

Father Patrick Mugisho, SJ, a Jesuit of the Central Africa Province, is currently working at the office of the Midwest Province in Chicago. He is also teaching French, his native language, to students at Saint Ignatius College Prep and offering Masses at parishes throughout the city. Additionally, he brings his experience as a Jesuit in Africa to the province office, providing a richer understanding of the people and the ways of his home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Fr. Patrick Mugisho, SJ

Today your gift makes my efforts possible, both here and when I eventually return to my home province. When my work in the Midwest is finished, I will be like those before me, going to share what I have learned, as in the Gospel: “Then [Jesus] said to them, ‘Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.’” (Mt 4:19)

— Fr. Patrick Mugisho, SJ

Your generosity allows for Jesuits from around the world to work and learn in the Midwest Province.
Please consider a gift today to continue this important ministry.