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In Memoriam: Fr. John R. Sima,SJ

Let us pray in thanksgiving for the life of our brother, Fr. John R. Sima, SJ, who died on August 17, 2021 at Casa la Virgen de Nazaret in Lima, Peru. He was 81 years old. May he rest in peace.

What Do You Ask of Me Now, God?

The retirement party has concluded, the new home office has been set up, but for what? So many retired or semiretired people who have experienced rich careers, sticky problems to solve, people to care for, or businesses to build, find themselves asking the critical question—what now? One person spoke of calculating how many days are left …

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Evangelizing through Drama

From the mid-16th century, through the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773 and beyond, Jesuit colleges in Europe led the way in the arts, turning out famous playwrights including Joseph Simeon, Pierre Corneille, and Molière. In 2021, theater and the inspiration it provides for students in Jesuit schools continue to thrive. Imanol Ruiz’s …

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An Ignatian Education

Walsh Jesuit High School: What distinguishes a high school as belonging to the Jesuit mission?