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Groups: A Jesuit's Journey - Midwest

Frs. Haschka and Libens

Jonathan Haschka, SJ, and John Libens, SJ

Does aging change your relationship with God? Does it transform your very identity? These are questions many people deal with at various points in their lives; for obvious reasons, more so in the senior years. And Jesuits are no different.

Fr. Albert J. Fritsch, SJ

Albert Fritsch, SJ

While growing up, Fr. Al Fritsch, SJ, knew he wanted to be a scientist. He also thought “it would be nice to be a priest and a scientist at the same time.” Fortunately, while studying at Xavier University, he learned through the Jesuits there that he could do both.

Fr. Joseph (Joe) Eagan

Joseph F. (Joe) Eagan, SJ

Teacher. Campus minister. Parish priest. Author. World traveler. Photographer. Mountain climber. These are just some of the words that describe Fr. Joe Eagan, SJ, during his 75 years as a Jesuit.

Fr. Eugene "Dutch" Dutkiewicz, SJ

Eugene (“Dutch”) Dutkiewicz, SJ

Over the course of two decades of teaching chemistry and math and serving as assistant principal and principal at Campion Jesuit and Creighton Prep, Fr. Eugene (“Dutch”) Dutkiewicz, SJ, influenced many hundreds of students for the better.

Frank Canfield, SJ

Frank Canfield, SJ

Throughout his life as a Jesuit, Fr. Frank Canfield, SJ, has often faced a dilemma: be where he wants to be, or go where God calls him to go. His decision has made all the difference.

Fr. James Creighton, SJ

James (Jim) Creighton, SJ

For Fr. James (Jim) Creighton, SJ, the desire to know God’s will began in Chicago. “As a teenager at Saint Ignatius College Prep, I viewed the priesthood as a vocation ‘higher’ than any other way of life,” he recalls. “Later, as a novice in the Society of Jesus at Milford, Ohio, it became obvious that …

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Fr. Gene Carmichael, SJ

Gene Carmichael, SJ

Father Carmichael is most associated with Xavier University in Cincinnati, where he worked for 36 years in many roles. But two state correctional institutions were the setting where he most dramatically lived out Jesus’ call in Matthew 25.

Fr. Thomas Caldwell, SJ

Thomas Caldwell, SJ

Fr. Caldwell has been a Jesuit for 73 years. His mission has consistently been to be helpful.

Fr. Joseph Bracken, SJ

Joseph Bracken, SJ

Ask someone who has benefited from a Jesuit education or ministry about the Society of Jesus’ contribution to the world, and you’ll often hear answers like “Jesuits form men and women for others,” and “they serve God by caring for and seeking justice for people on the margins.” But we don’t always give thought to …

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Fr. Bill Burke, SJ

Bill Burke, SJ

Father Bill Burke, SJ, has embodied the Jesuit characteristic of appreciating all creation as a gift from God for more than 50 years – most markedly in his ministry in Alaska and Montana.