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Groups: A Jesuit's Journey - Midwest

Fr. Casey Bukala, SJ

Casey Bukala, SJ

It was a homecoming fifty years in the making. In 2016, Fr. Casey Bukala, SJ, moved to the Colombiere Center near Detroit, where elder Jesuits live in community, receive the healthcare they need, and pray for the Church and the Society. It was not Fr. Bukala’s first time at Colombiere, however.

Fr. Dennis Ahern, SJ

Dennis Ahern, SJ

The call to ministry for Fr. Dennis “Denny” Ahern, SJ, can be traced to his days at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati. “I could not help but notice that the Jesuits, who worked very hard, also laughed a lot and enjoyed so much about their lives – like playing basketball on gym nights.”