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Midwest and Peruvian Jesuits have had a relationship since 1958. Jesuits in Peru have founded schools at all grade levels, administered parishes, spirituality centers, and radio stations. They also maintain social centers which serve the urban poor with housing, health, and nutrition, in addition to serving rural and indigenous communities in the Andes and the Amazonian forests. The Society of Jesus has also established a network of Fe y Alegría (Faith and Hope) schools that reach more than 70,000 students in communities with limited educational access. Jesuits in Peru established Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Jesuit University in 2003, and have been active in peace/reconciliation, human rights, and environmental preservation work.

Reciprocity is a strong feature of our relationship with Peru, as cross-province assignments and trainings provide an opportunity for both Midwest and Peruvian Jesuits to improve language proficiency and deepen the sense of solidarity between our provinces.

The current apostolic vision of the Peru Province includes these priorities:

  • Faith with Perspective: Reading the Gospel from the viewpoint of the poor and the youth
  • Presence: Promoting a meaningful presence with the poor and indigenous sectors of Peruvian society; working and living among them
  • Social Activism: Generating an impact in society, considering its social, cultural and political gaps and incongruities
  • Diocesan Support: Educating and providing spiritual direction to local clergy, religious, lay leaders, and legal advocacy for marginalized groups
  • Commitment: Committing to youth, particularly through educational efforts and vocation promotion
Fe Y Alegria Classroom in Peru