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Patrick Hyland, SJ

Patrick Hyland, SJ

When I got to Saint Ignatius High School, I remember being impressed with the Jesuits there, how different they were from my parish priest. This would be the first of several encounters with Jesuits that would seal my own fate as a member of the Society of Jesus.

Fr. Donald Rowe, SJ

Donald Rowe, SJ

Many of us grow out of our childhood career aspirations, but for Fr. Donald Rowe, SJ, those career aspirations were a vocation.

Andrew Cera, SJ

Andrew Cera, SJ

Andrew Cera, SJ, reflects on how his vocation has been formed and filled by so many names and faces.

Br. Jim Heidrick, SJ

Br. Jim Heidrick, SJ

From the age of ten, Br. Jim Heidrick, SJ, knew in his heart that he wanted to be a brother.

Heart on Fire: Trevor Rainwater, SJ

Trevor Rainwater, SJ

Trevor Rainwater, SJ, attended Creighton University where he first encountered Jesuits. Delighted to meet this group of men who shared a deep love of Christ but, at the same time, were involved in a variety of professions, Trevor decided to enter the Society of Jesus in August 2010.

Fr. George Sullivan, SJ

George Sullivan, SJ

More than 50 years later, Fr. George Sullivan’s memories of what inspired him to enter the Jesuits are marked by humor.

Fr. John "Jack" Wambach, SJ

John “Jack” Wambach, SJ

“It’s not how much you do, but who you are, that’s important.” This was a hard lesson for Fr. John “Jack” Wambach, SJ to learn.

Fr. Walter Stohrer, SJ

Walter “Wally” Stohrer, SJ

On the day Fr. Walter “Wally” Stohrer, SJ, was ordained a priest, the renowned theologian Fr. Karl Rahner, SJ told him, “You have just made the most important decision of your life. Now you must decide every day for the rest of your life what kind of priest you are going to be.”

Fr. Ed Sthokal, SJ

Ed Sthokal, SJ

Father Ed Sthokal, SJ, had never considered becoming a retreat director; he never even specifically trained for it. The plan for the young Jesuit was to teach English literature, perhaps go on to run a university department in the field. So how did he end up spending 58 years as a retreat director at Demontreville …

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Fr. Jack Rainaldo, SJ

Jack Rainaldo, SJ

Father Jack Rainaldo, SJ, accomplished much in his 62 years as a Jesuit. He served others as teacher, retreat director, spiritual advisor, and a staunch advocate of the Catholic faith.