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Archives: Team Members

Fr. Richard McCaslin, SJ

Richard McCaslin, SJ

Growing up in north Omaha as one of 13 children—six of whom entered religious lives—Fr. McCaslin “always wanted to be a priest.”

Michael Morrison, SJ

A shy priest might not seem like a natural fit to lead a university, but Jesuit Fr. Michael Morrison’s gifts of warmth, sincerity, and good humor translated to a successful tenure as Creighton University’s longest-serving president.

Fr. Bob Leiweke, SJ

Robert Leiweke, SJ

Approachable. Attentive. Authentic. Available. These words come up time and again when his fellow Jesuits describe Fr. Bob Leiweke, SJ.

Fr. Francis Daly, SJ

Francis Daly, SJ

As a Jesuit, Fr. Francis Daly has studied and taught the Spiritual Exercises to countless Jesuits and laypeople during his career, introducing them to Jesus and deepening their relationship with the Lord.

Fr. John Mace, SJ

John Mace, SJ

When Fr. John Mace, SJ, celebrated his golden jubilee while serving in the Philippines, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, SJ, then Superior General of the Society of Jesus, delivered the homily and declared about the jubilarian, “50 years of journeying with the Lord—50 years of being polished into perfection!”

Jim King, SJ

He might have been a Trappist monk. Or an architect. Ultimately, discernment for his religious vocation led Fr. Jim King to the Society of Jesus.

Larry Jonas, SJ

A WWII veteran, Fr. Larry Jonas, SJ, traveled to Washington, D.C. in April 2012 for the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. The trip offered a glimpse of what Heaven might be like.

Bob Hilbert, SJ

A desire to be a priest and a teacher made joining the Jesuits an ideal option for Fr. Bob Hilbert, SJ.

Frs. Haschka and Libens

Jonathan Haschka, SJ, and John Libens, SJ

Does aging change your relationship with God? Does it transform your very identity? These are questions many people deal with at various points in their lives; for obvious reasons, more so in the senior years. And Jesuits are no different.

Fr. Albert J. Fritsch, SJ

Albert Fritsch, SJ

While growing up, Fr. Al Fritsch, SJ, knew he wanted to be a scientist. He also thought “it would be nice to be a priest and a scientist at the same time.” Fortunately, while studying at Xavier University, he learned through the Jesuits there that he could do both.