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Subject Area: Formation

Society of Jesus Ordains New Deacons

This year, 25 U.S. and Canadian Jesuits were ordained to the diaconate at several different Masses in the United States, Canada, France and Colombia.

An Inside Look at Jesuit Formation

Four young members of the Society of Jesus provided an inside look at the stages of Jesuit formation to an eager audience in Milwaukee.

Being a Byzantine Jesuit

“If you’re not Roman Catholic, how can you be a Jesuit?” I hear it often. Like a fish in water, many Catholics grow up surrounded by a Church they know and love, without reflecting on what makes the Church the Church. Explaining to others how this is possible, I re-explain it to myself, remembering how blessed I am.

A Jesuit Lawyer

As a Jesuit lawyer, Nate Romano seeks justice for people on the margins.