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Taylor Street Jesuit Community Residence

For more than 40 years, the Taylor Street Jesuit Residence in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood has provided a home and community for hundreds of Jesuits, serving not only at our local Jesuit schools, but also at Loyola University Medical Center, Old St. Patrick’s Church and the Cook County Department of Corrections, among other places. The men who have lived at 1025 W. Taylor St. have been nourished by the spiritual communion, shared meals, prayer, live-in support system and bonds of brotherhood found within its walls.

Despite the building’s sturdiness and reliability, four-plus decades of normal wear and tear has taken its toll, and renovations are needed. Won’t you join us in our efforts to update the Taylor Street Jesuit Residence?

Renovation Projects

  • Sanding/staining floors in main living room and dining hall – COMPLETED
  • Updating the HVAC system
  • Painting
  • Updating lighting and the Wi-Fi system 
  • Soundproofing
  • Reupholstering furniture
  • Upgrading the main-floor bathroom and renovating the kitchen

Floor Refinishing

Our goal is to raise $250,000 for the two phases of the project. Work is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024. To make a donation to support these efforts, use the form below or mail a check payable to The Jesuits with “Taylor Street Jesuit Community Renovations” in the memo line to:

USA Midwest Jesuits
P.O. Box 6713
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6713

Current residents of Taylor Street Jesuit Community and their respective ministries

Fr. Patrick Fairbanks, SJ – superior; pastoral ministry at Saint Ignatius College Prep
Mr. Emmanuel Arenas, SJ – teacher at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
Fr. William Blazek, SJ – pastoral ministries, Cook County Stroger Hospital, retreat ministries
Fr. Aaron Bohr, SJ – teacher of Chinese Language and World History at Saint Ignatius College Prep
Mr. Arturo Carrillo, SJ – Clinical Pastoral Graduate Studies, Rush University Medical Center
Fr. Paul Kalenzi, SJ – advancement work for the USA Midwest Province and the Eastern African Province (AOR)
Fr. Mark Luedtke, SJ – teacher, pastoral ministry, and advancement at Saint Ignatius College Prep

Fr. Jeremiah Lynch, SJ – project manager at Cook County Department of Corrections
Fr. Christopher Manahan, SJ – provincial assistant for senior Jesuits and pre-tertians; delegate for senior Jesuits
Fr. Patrick McGrath, SJ – pastor, Old St Patrick’s Church
Fr. Patrick Mugisho, SJ – advancement work for the USA Midwest Province and the Central Africa Province (ACE)
Fr. Joshua Peters, SJ – director of Mission & Identity, Christ the King Jesuit College Prep
Fr. Tom Simonds, SJ – National Catholic Educational Association
Fr. Brian Taber, SJ – teacher at Saint Ignatius College Prep

Sampling of recent visitors to, and former residents of, Taylor Street Jesuit Community

Friends and Family of Jesuits
Fr. Kent Beausoleil, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, Director of Mission, CHI Health Creighton University Jesuit Community
Mr. Adam Bohan, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, scholastic, Boston College
Mr. Joshua Choong, SJ – Australian Province, scholastic, Boston College
Fr. Amit D’Souza, SJ – Goa Province, doctoral studies, Creighton University
Mr. Patrick Fenner, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, scholastic, Loyola University Chicago
Mr. Taylor Fulkerson, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, scholastic, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
Fr. Jim Gartland, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, Chief Mission and Identity Officer, Cristo Rey Network
Mr. Pierce Gibson, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, scholastic, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
Fr. Eric Immel, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, vocations promoter
Mr. Jim Kennedy, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, scholastic, Regis College, Toronto, Ontario
Fr. Tim Kesicki, SJ – Executive Director, Campaign for Descendants Truth and Reconciliation Trust and Foundation
Fr. Kizito Kiyimba, SJ – Eastern Africa Province, Provincial

Fr. Joe Koczera, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, professor, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
Fr. William Leahy, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, president, Boston College
Fr. Egide Ndayisenga, SJ – Rwanda Burundi Region, theological studies, Berkeley, CA
Mr. Ignatius Nguyen, SJ – Central Southern Province, teacher, Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, MO
Fr. Brian Paulson, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, president, Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States (JCCU)
Fr. Travis Russell, SJ – Jesuits West, President Verbum Dei Jesuit High School, Los Angeles
Fr. Nicky Santos, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, assoc. professor of marking and rector, Creighton University
Fr. Brad Schaeffer, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, superior, Colombiere Senior Jesuit Community, Clarkston, MI
Fr. Eric Sundrup, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, assoc. vice president for Mission and Ministry, Xavier University
Fr. George Teodoro, SJ – Jesuits West, assoc. pastor, St. Francis Xavier Parish, Phoenix
Fr. Fidelis Udahemuka, SJ – Eastern Africa Province
Br. Matt Wooters, SJ – Midwest Jesuits, vocations promoter