Each of our parishes is unique, yet they all share a vision rooted in Ignatian spirituality.

Ignatian spirituality is the heart of the Jesuit mission. Retreats offer a path to those seeking spiritual consolation.

Saint Ignatius developed a way of praying to help us "find God in all things." This is the spirituality of the Jesuits.

If a Jesuit Parish or retreat isn't available in your area, visit our online ministry at

Jesuit priests and brothers serve around the world, practicing a faith that promotes justice. Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a Jesuit?

We serve the greatest need, from urban neighborhoods in the Midwest to developing schools in Eastern Africa.

Caring for Senior Jesuits is like placing a loved one in a quality nursing home; it's a great expense for any family.

Showing the way to God through the Spiritual Exercises.

Walking with the poor and those on the margins in a mission of reconciliation and justice.

Accompanying young people in the creation of a hope-filled future.

Collaborating in the care of the earth, our common home.

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