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1010 N. Hooker Street, Chicago, IL 60642 | (800) 537-3736

Quentin Maguire – VP Advancement and Communications and Provincial Assistant

Michael Austin – Managing Editor, Jesuits Magazine

Catherine Avena – Director, Advancement Services and Information Management

Vivien Chan– Associate Director, Advancement 

Lauren Gaffey – Associate Director of Communications

Ann Greene – Senior Director of Grants and Special Projects

Maria Elena Juarez – Associate Director of Analytics & Marketing Insights

Fr. Paul Kalenzi, SJ – Advancement Intern

Fr. Patrick Mugisho, SJ – Advancement Intern

Margie O’Neill – Director of Planned Giving

Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati
Patrick Kennedy – Senior Advancement Director

1010 N. Hooker Street
Chicago, IL 60642
(815) 954-9840

Chicago and Cincinnati

Andrew McKernin – Major Gift Officer
1010 N. Hooker Street
Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 975-6877

Detroit and Cleveland
Nora Dabrowski – Regional Director
c/o 1010 N. Hooker Street
Chicago, IL 60642

Omaha, Iowa and South Dakota
Dede Crowley – Major Gift Officer
c/o 1010 N. Hooker Street
Chicago, IL 60642
(402) 214-5639

Milwaukee and Twin Cities
Tom Drexler – Major Gift Officer

1501 S. Layton Blvd., Suite 213
Milwaukee, WI 53215
(773) 975-6899 (office)
(773) 975-6899 (cell)