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Midwest Jesuits Year End 2022

We are thankful for this past years’ blessings—we have so many reasons to pray in thanksgiving!

We look at you as a blessing as well. You have walked with us in the Jesuit mission, answering the call as we accompany the young, the displaced, the marginalized, and the disadvantaged. We humbly ask you to continue that support with a year-end gift.

Please consider a gift today to continue our important ministries.

Here are a few examples of
this year’s blessings:

Fr. Paul Shelton, SJ
Fr. Paul Shelton, SJ, took on the role of vocations director for the province.
Matthew Spotts, SJ
Fr. Matt Spotts, SJ, president of Omaha’s Creighton Prep, is one of our youngest Jesuit high school leaders.
Jesuits Ryan Birjoo and Fr. Garrett Gundlach
Jesuits Ryan Birjoo and Fr. Garrett Gundlach working in Beirut, Lebanon, with the Sisters of Mercy
Conan Rainwater, SJ
Conan Rainwater, SJ, is a regent in Andahuaylillas, Peru